Table of Brotherhood

By Andrews Leao 2013-09-10

 A Bridging Coalition of Service

A vision realized for community empowerment is the catalyst for Table of Brotherhood which is a disaster awareness team composed of faith-based organizations and social agencies that are compassionate and have united to provide support to the elderly. Table of Brotherhood is the brainchild of Communities United, Inc. Services and goods provided include the essentials of survival like shelter and food.  It is a collaborative effort whereby those representing the elderly join forces to insure that assistance is received in times of disaster in a timely manner.  The six categories are:

·        Volunteer Mobilization

·        Elderly Support

·        Volunteer Professional Medical Services

·        Mass Care, Feeding and Sheltering

·        Support to Disaster Assistance Centers

·        Mitigation and Recovery

A plethora of volunteers include veterans, church clergy and staff, minority-owned businesses and youth within the communities.  Our goals and objectives are designed to meet the needs of the elderly during such tumult times.  Communities United, Inc. is here to service our elderly constituents and that is the foundation of our organization.